08:30 – 10:00  |  Saal 5

Chairs:  Hoffmann, Jürgen (Heidelberg) | Hamada, Yoshiki (Yokohama, Japan) | Oshima, Toshiyuki (Frankfurt)

Innovation of Medical Digital Transformation in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – CAD/CAM, Extended Reality, Medical Metaverse
Koyachi, Masahide; Sugahara, K.; Katakura, A. (Tokyo, Japan)

Digitalization in surgery – Action or Distraction
Tolksdorf, Konrad; Hohberger, F.; Tietz, S.; Tautenhahn, F.; Barbakadze, R.; Schultze-Mosgau, S. (Jena)

Preoperative simulation and intraoperative navigation system for the maxillofacial surgery
Sato, Hitoshi (Tokyo, Japan)

Computer-assisted planning and patient-specific implants for secondary treatment of condylar fractures
Probst, Florian; Liokatis, P.; Malenova, Y.; Cornelius, C.-P.; Fegg, F.; Ortner, F.; Smolka, W.; Mast, G.; Ehrenfeld, M. (München)

The utility of texture analysis using preoperative PET images in the computer-aided management of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Kimura, Masashi; Nagao, T.; Ishibashi, K.; Hashimoto, K.; Tsuji, H.; Masahiro Umemura, M. H. (Nagoya, Japan/Ogaki, Japan)

Indication and evaluation of preoperative plate bending on an in-office printed 3D model as an effective and feasible treatment method in mandible reconstruction
Polligkeit, Joachim; Naros, A.; Tilsen, F.; Krimmel, M.; Reinert, S. (Tübingen)

Diskussion (20 min.)